The Busted Bowls

Annularware patterns on creamware or pearlware pottery comes in lots of different types, such as banded, cabled, marbelized and mocha. All of these types of annularware patterns had their popularity peaks but all were around in the late 1700s to mid 1800s (except mocha which was around until the late 1890s). We find different examples of these patterns at the B.S. Hawley store site. The two most popular annularware designs  found at his store appear to be banded and cabled. Check out these examples of cabled annularware fragments from two different bowls! The colors used were a dark dark brown (almost looks black), light gray, light blue, sky blue and a burnt orange. This cabled annularware was most popular from about 1790 to about 1820 and the cabled lined design was often finger painted into the glaze. Because of this finger effect it often looks “wormy” and is sometimes referred to as “worming”. This pattern is most common on bowls (as seen here), chamber pots, pitchers, and mugs.

After cleaning the fragments, you can see this bowl has a white to light cream colored, thin, hard, compact paste.

Check out these cabled annularware fragments from two different bowls!


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