The Marble Mayhem

Talk about mayhem…over 320 hand-painted clay marbles were found at the site of B.S. Hawley’s store! I was losing MY marbles counting them all. There are many different variations of linear patterns on the marbles (1, 2, 3 and 4 lines, some crossing and some not). Some of the marbles were badly burned so their colors and patterns are unknown. On others, you can see residual paint colors: red, black, gray, mustard yellow and blue. These marbles would have been for sale in Hawley’s store and would have been used to play marble games. Ring Taw was the most popular marble game at the time with a large circle being drawn on the ground and a taw line about 10 feet away. Each player got 10 marbles and would take turns shooting or rolling marbles into the circle behind the taw line. Players attempt to bump the opponents marbles out of the ring.

Check out these marbles!

First picture: Close up of some of the marbles that are in better condition.

Second picture: Shows a portion of the marbles soon after excavation, much of them burned. Sorry for the glare, it is a picture of a picture.

Third picture: A rendition of Ring Taw. (Found on Google)

Fourth picture: A showing of the “proper” way too shoot your marbles at Ring Taw. The marble in the picture even looks like ours! (Found on Google)


ring taw 02ring taw

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