The Trampled Turkish Pipes

Ok so they are probably German not Turkish BUT they do portray a Turkish man with a turban and mustache! Over FOUR HUNDRED of these green glazed ceramic pipes were found on B.S. Hawley’s store property (holy moly!). Since the pipes were burned in the fire and buried under dirt for almost 150 years, the pipes are all shades and colors. Of course, the worst burned are completely black and the least burned are a jade colored green. Some were broken over the years from the fire, the property being leveled and buried, but LOTS of the pipes are still complete! No maker’s marks were found on any of the pipes, although after talking with other archaeologists in the Southeast United States, there have been German pipes found with similar Turkish motifs. We are still researching the similarities between these pipes and ANY indication these pipes are in fact German made (manufacturing techniques, etc).

Check it out!

First picture: After excavations the pipes were laid out to start a count and to see the various stages of burning acquired.

Second picture: Excavation picture, the scale is in cms. Sorry for the glare in the picture. It is a picture of a picture.

Third picture: A collage of the pipes. These show a close up of the Turkish man with his turban and mustache.


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