The Fragmented Flasks

Evidence of 600+ glass bottles were found at the B.S. Hawley store site. About 300 of these bottles were whole (but empty!). The other 300 were calculated as the minimum number of vessels based on the bases and lips of broken bottles found. These glass bottles held everything from perfume to medicine to alcohol to pickled food. Less than six of these bottles were flasks.

The fragments of flasks found were from molded amber glass flasks with a liberty eagle and shield on one side. The top two pictures are from the same flask which was broken and then slightly burned in the Fire of 1844. (Check out that funky melted glass!) The last picture, of a whole bottle, is not from the Hawley site but is an example of what the flask would have looked like whole (although that specimen is olive green glass.) These flasks were made by West Willington Glassworks out of Connecticut. West Willington Glassworks was in production from 1814 to 1872.

Overall, hundreds of alcohol bottles were found at the B.S. Hawley site, primarily English rum, French wine, brandy and champagne. Lots and lots of champagne. Clearly, the people of Apalachicola knew how to have a good time and they kept the party going by carrying flasks too!

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