The Jumbo Jugs

Overall, B.S. Hawley’s store yielded evidence of 55 gray salt glazed stoneware jugs. Some of the jugs were stamped with maker’s mark and others were bare. All of the jugs appear to be either two, three or four gallons in size. The pictures below show some of the better specimens that were able to be reconstructed. Note the Norton and Fenton maker’s marks!

Norton and Fenton was a pottery company based out of Bennington, Vermont starting in 1785 (before Vermont was a state!). The company changed hands many times but was always kept between the two families. Eventually, the company collapsed in 1894. The most popular designs were applied with cobalt blue glaze and were usually quite simple (like the specimens below). The more expensive jugs had elaborate designs covering the whole “face” of the jug. None of these elaborate designs were found at B.S. Hawley’s store.

Check them out!

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