The Burnt & Broken Brushes

You know me, I love the more personal objects on a site. What did they wear? What were their cosmetic items? Perfume? Well check out these BRUSHES. The first picture is of a wooden hairbrush that was broken in the fire. The top part with drilled holes for bristles lays at about 8.5 cms. The handle portion lays at about 11.5 cms. They do not mend but are clearly from the same brush (staining, coloring, size the same, etc.). The last three pictures are from wooden toothbrushes (no scale, sorry!). Miscellaneous fragments were found from a couple of the toothbrushes but at least 8 bases of handles were found. The bristles in this brush were most likely animal hair, probably horse. The brushes are slightly burned from the 1844 fire and dirt has caked into the bristle holes from being buried for 147 years.

hairbrush 02toothbrushes 02toothbrushes 01toothbrushes 03

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